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The Future of Education under Betsy Devos

trop / March 16, 2017

Born on January 8, 1958 in Holland, Michigan billionaire Betsy Devos has become an admirable and well known philanthropist. As President Donald Trump’s secretary of education, her significant efforts regarding school privatization and voucher programs were contributing factors to her nomination. Of course, controversial feelings remain regarding voucher programs, which sidetracks public funds to private and religious educational institutions. When confirmed by the Senate, in early February, 2017, the vote was largely in keeping with party lines. Mrs. Devos has been an active Republican for over 20 years and supporter of Vice President Pence.

Mrs. Devos attended Holland Christian High School, and later Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree and first became an active political participant. Daughter of Edgar Prince, founder of Prince Corporation, sister of Erik Prince, former navy seal officer and founder of Blackwater USA, Betsy is also daughter in law to Richard Devos, Sr, co-founder of the multi-level marketing Amway empire.

Children of wealthy parents, both Mr. and Mrs. Dick Devos own several residences and are parents to two boys and two girls. Recently built and a primary residence is a gorgeous 22,000 square foot mansion on Lake Macatawa in their home state of Michigan. This home is close to other family members.

Mrs. Devos is known to be a devout Christian and conservative. With roots tied to Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan, the Devos’ began their financial support with individual children and an understanding that paying school tuition is a major sacrifice for many parents. That practice has grown into a much larger commitment. Read more news on

Via the Devos family foundation, millions of dollars have been filtered to a diverse list of organizations including:

  • Loudspeaker Media Inc., which helped a former news anchor launch an education site;
  • Success Academy Charter Schools;
  • Alliance for School Choice;
  • Foundation for Excellence in Education;
  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy;
  • Institute for Justice;
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc.;
  • University of Maryland College Park Foundation;
  • School of Missionary Aviation Technology;
  • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; and
  • Boy Scouts of America.

Incredibly, that is a small listing of organizations that have received benefit from the Devos generous giving. Current and/or former board members at a large group of non-profit organizations, there is no doubt that Betsy Devos is willing to share her wealth with worthy causes, particularly education related organizations. The Devos family foundation, created in 1989, was established with a focus on education, arts, justice, developing leaders and of course, education.

Under Betsy Devos’ leadership, keep an eye on the following educational impacts: K-12 Federal Law overhaul; school lunches; college campus atmospheres; plus “for profit” and free college education. The educational world may be in for a significant change overseen by Betsy Devos during the Trump Administration.

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  1. What is important for her is providing quality education for the children and that has been almost like her calling in the recent past as seen by estimates. Also, in the review, urgent assignment help, Betsy Divos has been involved heavily in providing reforms in the education sector with measures she has put in place. Just like her husband, Betsy is an important part of our society because she has shown great leadership potential as evidenced in the contributions she has made and i think with her their is hope for our education.

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