Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Is The Top Of The Line

trop / March 20, 2017

When people think of Securus Technologies, they know that they are the leader in the public safety field. Even with all the competition in the industry, they have taken the lead for many years. This is because of their extreme ability to handle difficult jobs, and create technology that helps keep the public safe. Their latest invention is the Video Visitations.


The Video Visitations assist the correction facilities with the help that they need to create a safe environment. This type of technology allows incarcerated people to be visited via the videos so they can converse with their loved ones. It is working remarkably well, and the company’s customers are extremely happy with the results. The company has invited their customers, as well as the public to tour their Dallas, TX location. They will be able to see what the company is currently working on, and how important it is to the safety of the public.


Securus Technologies is a great company that is doing everything that they can to help in the civil and criminals sides of the justice system. They are creating new technologies on a weekly basis, and the government is looking to them for help in their correction facilities all the time. The company deals with over a million prisoners all the time, and they look forward to creating a safer world for all the people that are in it.