Fabletics Will Get you Moving

Fabletics has become the go-to for your activewear for a few good reasons. First off, it is a brand that offers trendy clothing at an affordable price and it is very convenient. You also get personalized service and VIP treatment for a low membership price of only $50. Fabletics has become successful in a market that is dominated by Amazon and has managed to become very popular among its consumers.


Fabletics has a few good reasons why it has become worth $250 million. First off, Fabletics has avoided the popular pop up store method adopted by many new companies starting out. Instead they have chosen to get to know their market by engaging in local events and activities. They have gotten 30-50% of the customers that are already members walk through the doors of their retail stores and another 25% becoming members because of this very strategy. They have also avoided getting “killed” by customers simply browsing offline only to buy their items somewhere cheaper.


Fabletics has grown more gradually and steadily and have taken the time to get to really know their customer base. Their growth rate is 35% every year and they have become very competitive with their trendy activewear lines and affordable pricing.


Kate Hudson wants to encourage everyone to get into a more active and healthy lifestyle and she has expanded her sizes to include sizes form XXS to 3X. In order to understand her customer base better, she pays attention to what is selling and what simply does not sell and adjusts her lines accordingly. The Lifestyle Quizzes that her new members take has also proven to be very helpful as well. These quizzes not only help her customers get a more personalized shopping experience, but u=it helps her company to create the styles and looks that her customers really want.


Kate Hudson draws her inspiration form her mom, Goldie Hawn and she encourages everyone to live their passions and to take risks. Hudson wants to make life count and if you don’t take risks, you are not doing that. She took risks and it helped her to become very successful. Plus, she is able t help people everywhere to get more active and to feel better about their bodies and their lives. It’s all about how you approach things, and in the case of Fabletics, it was a smart move to progress slowly.

Logan Stout, The Entrepreneur Driving IDLife

IDLife is a company that is focused on the overall well-being and health of its customers. The company is known for offering healthcare products that are of the highest quality and nutritional value. IDLife mainly focuses on providing products that are natural and free from side effects. However, the company doesn’t only provide their customers with dietary supplements. The number one thing of being fit is maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, and so IDLife gives their customers a detailed plan which they can implement to get back in shape and lead the healthy life that has always wanted. For this purpose, the company also came out with IDLife Experience, a detailed plan which helps customers get on the right track and lead a healthy life.

In the past few years, IDLife has grown immensely, surpassing even the healthcare giants in its field. With numerous customers all over the country, IDLife is on a mission to become one of the biggest health product suppliers in the country. However, the company realized that if they wanted to grow on the level that they envisioned, they would have to take a step forward and merge with a company, expanding their product bases and offering more to their customers. Therefore, earlier this year, IDLife merged with Garmin Ltd, a company that offers wearable devices and technology. By merging with a company offering the kind of products that Garmin does, IDLife can expand their reach and offer their customers a more holistic plan that will take more care of the clients who are looking to get fit and healthy.

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IDLife is mainly led by Logan Stout who oversees the company from his position as CEO. He was responsible for the company’s growth in the past few years and is the person driving the merger with Garmin. He is an entrepreneur and an excellent leader who also works with budding entrepreneurs to offer them advice regarding what a successful business should be like. Through his efforts alone, the company has raised over two billion dollars, making Logan Stout an extremely successful person in the healthcare industry.