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The Financial Investment Prowess Of Paul Mampilly

trop / August 15, 2017

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor for financial investment and growth magazine Sovereign Society, a position which he has held since 2016. He holds over 25 years of experience in the financial investment industry.

Mr. Mampilly started out in his career well over 25 years ago, working in many Wall Street companies before he chose to retire while still in his forties to spend more time with his family. Starting in the 1980s, when he worked as a financial analyst for Deutsche Asset Management and ING. He went on to become a financial manager at several internationally recognized financial institutions, including Swiss Bank, Bankers Trust, Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland. He made a significant milestone between 2009 and 2010 when he helped the 25 billion dollar hedge fund Kinetic Investments record 67% and 20% in both those years respectively. The hedge fund experienced unprecedented growth in that time, outdoing MSCI EAFE index.

In 2016, Mr. Mampilly signed up with Banyan Hill Publishing Company to start a newsletter named Profits Unlimited. The newsletter is aimed at directing American citizens on the best practices to engage in to identify and act on profitable investment opportunities and increase their wealth. In March of 2017, Profits Unlimited had gained over 60,000 subscribers, making it the fastest growing newsletter in the American finance industry.

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Paul Mampilly relies on his vast world of experience in the financial management and investment industry to dispense invaluable knowledge to the bulletin readers and guide them into making a sound financial investment decision to grow their wealth exponentially. As a part of this exercise, he suggests a new stock every month that the subscribers should consider buying stocks or at least keep an eye on in the coming months. He also suggests one or two stocks to consider each week and emails these to his newsletter subscribers. He also keeps track of the recommended stocks through his website. These have been proven to help the customers to make sound financial investments, and have contributed to the fast growth of the newsletter.

While at Templeton Foundation, Paul Mampilly won an award when he grew a 50 million dollar investment into 88 million dollars, making for a 76% increase at the height of the financial crisis in 2009.