Business Accomplishments and Career of Dick DeVos

trop / August 21, 2017

Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. is more commonly known as Dick DeVos. Mr. Dick DeVos is known for his work in the world of business as well as for his philanthropy. He is a business owner and a business founder. Mr. Dick DeVos is also the founder of a charitable foundation, and he has donated millions to charities both personally and through his foundation.

Mr. Dick DeVos received his higher education from the Northwood University. Mr. Dick DeVos majored in business administration. Although he had enrolled at the Harvard – School of Business, Mr. Dick DeVos did not graduate. However, Mr. Dick DeVos has received honorary doctorates from institutions such as Northwood University, Central Michigan University, and the Grove City College as well.

In 197, Mr. Dick DeVos put his business career in motion. Mr. Dick DeVos started his work at the Amway Corporation. Over the course of his career there, Mr. Dick DeVos had been taking up a number of different positions such as divisions, manufacturing, research, development, sales, marketing, finance, and more. As a whole, Mr. Dick DeVos has worked at nearly every aspect of the Amway Corporation. Tn years later in 1984, Mr. Dick DeVos was appointed to the positions of Vice President. That involved overlooking operations in 19 other countries as the Amway Corporation was quite vast. As Vice President of those 18 locations, Mr. Dick DeVos had achieved some business accomplishments that earned him a favorable reputation in the business world. The percentage of foreign sales tripled so much so that the rate exceeded domestic sales. That was the first such accomplishment in the history of Amway Corporation.

A few years later, Mr. Dick DeVos became one of the owners of Orlando Magic. That is the franchise of the National Basketball Association. Richard DeVos Sr. had bought the franchise and became the CEO and President of the Orlando Magic team. Mr. Dick DeVos assumed the responsibilities of those positions a while later, but he moved on from them in 1993 in order to take over the responsibilities as President of Amway

Meanwhile, the Amway Corporation was left without a leader. That is why Mr. Dick DeVos had to dedicate himself to the family business completely. After Mr. Dick DeVos assumed leadership, the Amway Corporation expanded significantly and reached operations in more than fifty countries. In the year 2000, big changes came to the Amway Corporation. One of those changes was the major restructuring that took place under the authority of Mr. Dick DeVos. The result was the Alticor Corporation. Alticor became the new parent company both for Amway Corporation and its subsidiaries as well. In August 2002, Mr. Dick DeVos retired from the post of president of the Alticor Corporation and dedicated himself to his private business called Windquest Group.