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Orange Coast Debuts World Class Recycle Center

trop / September 26, 2017

Orange Coast Community College is a 164 acre campus centered in a wonderful coastal community. It offers 135 degree and technical programs. These include a nationally acclaimed nautical program, associates degrees, and cutting edge technical programs. It has an active student government, social programs, and athletics. Learn more:

Orange Coast offers a top notch education in a wonderful location. It offers many sports programs and opportunities for students to excel outside of the classroom. These include beach volleyball, baseball, football, golf, and soccer. While you are there, you will notice the beautiful surroundings and gain an appreciation for the effort it takes to keep the college and community environmentally sound. The college appreciated that need and built a beautiful new recycling center.

The new recycling center was built to keep the community environmentally healthy while teaching the students how to build a career keeping the earth clean. The center is a 7.5 million dollar project that is designed to perform the duties of recycling while giving students hands on experience. It took 16 months to build this exceptional building that is complete with classrooms, showers, first-aid station, and a conference room.

The center itself boasts eco-friendly materials and solar panels to further the positive environmental impact this center has on the community. It accepts bottles, cans, papers, scrap metal, as well as electronics. Funding came from various sources such as a new tax bond, community supporters- Cliff and Janet Ronnenberg, and a local environmental company.

It appears that this is just one of many new developments coming to Orange Coast community college. But it is an important first step to build the foundation of a healthy college environment as they add new student housing and a planetarium. Orange Coast Community College has made a mark on their local environmental health that will carry on generation. Learn more: