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Alexandre Gama A Man Of Many Achievements

trop / December 7, 2017

Alexandre Gama was born in 1958 and is considered to be one of Brazil’s most accomplished business men and award winning publicist.

Alexandre Gama started his career in 1982 as a copywriter where he would eventually become the most awarded copywriter of his time. In 1999 Alexandre Gama ventured off on his own to start Neogama, a top advertising agency in Brazil. Neogama quickly took off and was recognized as the fastest growing agency in Brazil.

Neogama was named agency of the year and also received 2 Golden Lions awards in the same year. In addition to Neogama Alexandre Gamma is also the founder of Violab, a Brazilian acoustic guitar instrumental music project, which showcases the best Brazilian acoustic musicians. To add to the list of his many achievements Alexandre Gama has won 23 Lions from the Cannes festival and has been voted as 1 of Brazil’s top most important professionals.