Betsy DeVos Challenges Trump

trop / December 11, 2017

The issues surrounding transgender students in the public school and bathroom policy has been in the news for over a year now. President Obama resolved the matter during his tenure by putting out strong guidance to the states for them to provide options for transgender children. Many people, including the now President Trump, disagreed strongly with the Federal Government interfering in state public school policy.

Trump has decided to rescind the Obama order and replace it with a new one that gives the rights back to the states to make the policy decision.


Secretary of State, Betsy DeVos, disagrees with the wording and the intent of the Trump statement. She has let it be known that she worries about what the reversal will do to children with differing gender issues.DeVos first let her concern be known to Jeff Sessions and ultimately to President Trump himself. She reminded Trump of their joint commitment to serve and protect the rights to all children for a quality education. The reversal of this guidance puts certain children in jeopardy of being overlooked or even bullied. Trump’s answer to DeVos was to sign off on the statement.


DeVos admits that it is a difficult place to be, caught between her concerns for the children and the sentiments of her boss. She felt strongly enough about it to challenge what she saw as problematic. Even though DeVos has given her approval to the document, she fought for particular word changes that would protect the vulnerable. She has also promised to watch the process very closely and getting involved as she needs to.


Betsy DeVos has spent her career fighting for equal and quality education. She has served on such boards as the Foundation for Education Excellence and the Action Alliance. Always a proponent for freedom of choice for families, she has dedicated time and money to improving the educational system in the United States. DeVos, along with her husband, created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in 1989 and to date, they have donated over $139 million to various causes they believe in.


The transgender bathroom debate promises to continue for many years to come. The issues are sensitive and complicated without any easy fix. Betsy DeVos is committed to defending the rights of all children and to be vocal about the concerns and issues she holds important.


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