Jim Larkin leads in securing recognition from the Communist International

trop / December 12, 2017

The seasoned activist was responsible for the formation of the General Workers Union as well the Irish Transport. On January 21, 1876, Jim Larkin was Born in Liverpool, England. A few years later he got married to Elizabeth, and they were both blessed with four sons. For many years, the General Worker’s union underwent massive growth and development to be a leading union in the country.

Life in the slums of Liverpool affected Jim’s educational development since he obtained little formal education. His family needed a supplementary source of income since they could not support themselves from the meager income, and this situation made Jim hustle for different Job opportunities for an additional source of income. While in search of a Job, he landed one at the Liverpool docks as a foreman.

Because many money workers complained of their rights being infringed and since they were not being treated fairly, Jim decided to Join the National Union for Dock Labourers (NUDL). Later he chose to dedicate his full-time membership as the trade union organizer of NUDL.

About two years later, Jim Larkin’s aggressive modus operandi alarmed the NUDL that they had to transfer him to Dublin. Settling at Dublin, he formed the renowned General Workers Union and the Irish Transport. In as much as unity is concerned, the union embarked on an aggressive mission of combining all the Irish industry workers, who were either skilled or unskilled to form one big organization. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

He would again form the Labor Party and conducted various strikes in the country. Among many strikes conducted, the Dublin Lockout of 1913 stood out because it involved over 100,000 workers and lasted for about eight months. It was indeed fortunate because workers were granted their rights to fair treatment.

A big anti-war demonstration in Dublin led by Larkin was conducted during the outbreak of World War I. Additionally, he would make a series of trips to the United States of America where he would seek funds in support of the fight against the British. During his stay in Ireland, Jim Larkin organize the Workers’ Union of Ireland that secured recognition from communist International