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See our expert interviews to get insider perspectives from leaders who are in Ecosystems for years already.

Engage during two live roundtable discussions with our speakers and sponsors to get your questions answered.

You’re not just getting insights about how the high-tech industry and its channel dynamics are ‘on the move’ again, but you can also connect with potential business partners, vendors, and solution providers.

Once EvolvingChannels is over, we’ll keep you updated with information about upcoming trends, best practices, and more relevant content.

These IT Channel Leaders Are Speaking

Leahanne Hobson
Leahanne Hobson, Founder/CEO of Alinea Partners
EvolvingChannels Opening

Join Leahanne Hobson, Founder/CEO of Alinea Partners, as she introduces you to the Alinea Partners EvolvingChannels Summit and sets expectations for the expert sessions.

Vince Menzione
Vince Menzione, Founder/CEO, Ultimate Partnerships
EvolvingChannels: What is Happening and Where Do We Go From Here?

When it comes to channels and business success, Vince has done it all: start-ups, turnarounds, non-profits, and of course, nine years driving Microsoft Public Sector business to $4.6B globally. In 2020 Vince Menzione founded Ultimate Partnerships with a renewed conviction that partnering and ecosystems will be the key accelerant to successful transformation and survival.

Bob Moore
Bob Moore, Co-Founder/CEO, Crossbeam
Garbage in – Garbage out: Ecosystem Success is Built on the Data it is Made Of 

Bob Moore is Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. His writing about technology, startups, and data has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and numerous other publications.

John Guido
John Guido, Founder/CEO, P2P Global
Ecosystem Use Cases You Never Thought Of

John Guido is a technology channel executive and innovative leader with a rich understanding of channel management. He founded P2P Global, a collaborative marketplace for technology solution providers and has extensive experience in leadership positions at IBM, establishing multi-billion partnerships.

Cassandra Gholston, Co-Founder/CEO, PartnerTap
Handling Co-Selling, Trust and Co-Innovation in P2P Ecosystems

Cassandra Gholston is passionate about helping companies grow, change, and leverage technology for explosive scaling. From her experience in sales working as Sr. Sales Executive for Concur Technologies, she observed the challenges salespeople were facing and formed a team to launch a platform that would empower salespeople to thrive in the P2P ecosystem.

Tony Hughes
Tony J. Hughes, Author, Keynote Speaker, B2B Sales Trainer
How Channel Sales Is Evolving - Insights Into the New Demands From Today’s Prospects and Customers

Tony J. Hughes has written „Tech-Powered Sales“, the bestselling book on sales of this decade. Two media outlets ranked Tony the #1 global sales blogger. In his +35 years of corporate and sales leadership experience, he amassed a loyal base of +800,000 fans across multiple platforms.

Anton Loeffen
Anton Loeffen, Founder, Eshgro
Orchestrating Ecosystems – Making It Happen with Your Own IP

Anton Loeffen is the founder of Eshgro, a leader in automated management of Microsoft Modern Workplace, Azure Services, and business critical business software.

Eshgro enables its partners to sell over 700 line-of-business applications and provides a wide range of IT services through their CSB Suite. In their ecosystem, they’re enabling companies to combine their own services and products with a wide array of 3rd-party services and applications to sell and deliver cloud solutions.

Joyce Hofman
Joyce Hofman, Associate Director Global IaaS, Ingram Micro Cloud
How to Increase Profitability in This Ever-Changing Business

Joyce is the Associate Director leading the Global IaaS and PaaS portfolio at Ingram Micro Cloud.

She is currently responsible for driving and enhancing the strategic IaaS portfolio and leading the Global IaaS team to develop solution frameworks, engagement models, GTM programs and manages the Global strategic vendor relationships.

Moderated by Jeremy Cox, Founder/Principal at CX-Create Limited, (Former Principal Analyst at Omdia/Ovum)
Speaker Roundtable

Hear from the experts!

We bring all speakers together for this roundtable. Join the in-depth conversations our speakers have as they discuss their perspectives on ecosystems with each other and take advantage of the opportunity to share your views with them directly.

Hosted by Christian Hess, Senior Advisor, Alinea Partners
Sponsor Roundtable

Join Christian and representatives from our sponsors to get their unique perspectives on how to join and participate in ecosystems. Take advantage of their expertise and shortcut your decision-making process on the next move towards ecosystem participation.

Leahanne Hobson
Balint Ladanyi
Hosted by Leahanne Hobson, Balint Ladanyi & Christian Hess, Alinea Partners
EvolvingChannels Closing Session

Wrap up EvolvingChannels together with Leahanne, Balint, and Christian in an open conversation about the lessons learned from our experts and sponsors. This Summit gave you various perspectives on ecosystems. During the live closing session, they’ll share their individual perspectives and outline the next steps you can take once the Summit is over.

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Free On-Demand Virtual Summit

Watch all sessions on-demand for 48 hours.

Leahanne Hobson

Meet Your Host

Leahanne Hobson

Welcome, I’m Leahanne, Founder & CEO of Alinea Partners and host of EvolvingChannels.

We’re delivering this summit to bring a part of my LinkedIn network ‘off the page’ to discuss, debate, and connect you to those helping to navigate the evolving channel ecosystem.

The thought leaders interviewed for EvolvingChannels have an important opinion on what the future will hold for us and how we can best prepare our companies and ourselves. What should we be thinking about now? How can we start to prepare to get the most?

We miss the connectedness of real-world conferences, that’s why we’re organizing online networking opportunities for the attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners throughout the summit.

See you there!


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